• Our client, a listed company, plans to expand its activities externally through a merger.

  • This is to be achieved by a simple capital transfer from the shareholders of the target to the acquiring company, whereby the transfer will be financed by a capital increase of the acquiring company.

Financial Valuation / Valuation & Fairness Opinion / Business Case - Fairness Opinion
Customer requirements 
Prior to the transaction, the fair value of the shares transferred by the acquired company and the fair value of the shares issued by the acquiring company must be determined by one or more independent valuers in order to value the capital transfer.
Unsere Stärken
  • Eine unabhängige Firma, spezialisiert auf den Bereich Bewertung.
  • Ein Team mit umfangreicher sowie nachweisbarer Erfahrung in der unabhängigen Bewertung.
  • Regelmäßige Veröffentlichung von Artikeln in Fachzeitschriften und Veranstaltung von Konferenzen in Kooperation mit verschiedenen Anwaltskanzleien.
  • Eine Alternative zu den BIG 4.
Approach / Methodology
Our range of services includes the following activities:
  • Determination of the relevant market and industry;
  • Positioning of the company; 
  • Analysis of the business activity of the company;
  • Determination of relevant key figures;
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
    Critical review of the business plan;
  • Analysis of the development of the share price and other published key figures;
  • Preparation of the business plan;
  • Determination of the fair value of securities on the basis of a multi-criteria approach.
  • Analysis of capital structure and corporate governance;