• ​A company invested in real estate portofolio assets through a foreign management company. The company encountered experienced a loss of around 50% of its investment in 10 years. At the same time the local market was on a dynamic trend.
  • The company has established the legal mistake and wanted to know the value of the prejudice suffered (estimated at more than €100m).
  • The client and his counsels have sought the expertise of NG Finance to provide them with the necassary technical, economic and financial arguments by delivering a documented report on the assessment of the injury and the fault of the committed management.
Financial Valuation / Litigation & Dispute / Business Case - Litigation​
Client needs
  • Allow clients and its counsel to justify and argue the amount of damage suffered in front of the court and assist during negotiations.
Our strenghts
  • We act as a financial expert in the framework of technical studies(analysis of the allegations, identify answers, producing an expert report).
Approach / Methodology
  • We assisted our client on several issues, that are:
    • Establishing the causes of the damages and the links between declining asset values and the management; 
    • Assessing the damage in the asset portfolios; 
    • Analysing the facts that led to the impairment of assets;
    • Building arguments;
    • Writing a detailed report.