• Our client wishes to have exhaustive and relevant financial information and a financial reporting tool as part of its communication with its shareholders and financial partners.
  • In this context, our client wishes to have our financial management tool, NGFI Report ©, interacting with existing internal management tools.
Client needs
  • The aim is threefold:
    • Assist our client in the establishment of a tool dedicated to financial statements, including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow table;
    • Providing solutions in using accounting and analytical management tools;
    • Implement NGFI Report © tool and train the Management to its use.
Our strenghts
  • A team specialised on accounting and financial issues with a significant track record.
  • An offer tailored taking into account the specific business process.
  • A dedicated support providing advice and support (reports, improvement axes, reflections on information systems, analytical tools, user manual, training).
  • A flexible and easy to use tool.
Notre approche
  • Our works included, in a non-exhaustive manner, the following steps:
    • Creating an extraction solution through the implementation of monthly cash reports / quarterly within the constraints tools;
    • Exchanges with the accounting team on the consistency of forecast provided and / or feasible (limits and possible improvements);
    • Critical approach in the analysis of structural hypotheses defined with the financial leadership teams;
    • Defining of key performance indicators in reporting;
    • Construction and integration of the module into cash NGFI Report © tool;
    • Training and monitoring tool NGFI © Report to the dedicated team.