Developing a business plan

The business plan is the document piloting and demonstration of your future project. It is a document which shows that your project creates value in a sustainable manner.
The Business Plan is a communications and strategy document that explains what you want to achieve, how, when, with whom and shows that the project is financially viable.
The goals of the Business Plan are threefold: to reassure, enhance and persuade.
The rationale of a business plan
  • Conditions for setting up a business project
  • Strategic issues of a project
  • Market analysis
  • Forecast sales action plan
  • Analysis of competition
The key financial parameters of a project
  • Sales revenues
  • Means of production
  • Che choice of credit resources
  • Purchases of raw materials
  • Salaries
  • Financial expenses
  • Structural costs
Analysis of risk components of a project
  • Analyse du point mort ou seuil de rentabilité
  • Breakdown between fixed and variable costs
  • The financing plan for a project
  • The growth rate of an activity
The main indicators of an investment choice
  • Discounted free cash flows
  • Net asset value
  • The capital payback
  • Profitability index
  • Intern rate of return
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Jacques-Henri Hacquin