Company Valuation

Whether in the context of a merger or acquisition operation or opening of capital, opportunities to assess a company are many. Also, it must master the different valuation techniques and know how to choose the appropriate method.
NG Finance therefore propose training to understand the different approaches to valuing a company and issues related to it.
Strategic and financial analysis of the company
  • Conduct a market study
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Identify competitive advantages
  • Identify strategic issues and their impact on the valuation of a company
  • Define indicators of financial performance
  • Establish a Business Plan
The discounted cash flow method (DCF)
  • Establish cash flow
  • Criticizing the assumptions of the business plan
  • Calculate the terminal value
  • Consistency of the values ​​obtained
  • Calculate the discount rate
  • Premiums or apply haircuts
  • Attractions and pitfalls of the discounted cash flow method
Exercise of application: critical analysis of the method and identifying pitfalls
Peers' comparison 
  • Select comparable companies
  • The aggregates to remember
  • Calculate multiple
  • Select the most appropriate ratio for the sector
  • Premiums or apply haircuts
Exercise of application: Valuation of a company according to different methods
Duration: 2 days - 14 hours

Price HT: EUR 1,745 (meals included)

Location: Paris

Jacques-Henri Hacquin / Olivier Schwab