The control of a company goes through an ability to provide an overview of the activities, service by service, and use this data to project future cash flow based on your existing environement.
Our team supports you in analysing the existing (information systems, accounting plans, etc ...) and in the implementation of the NGFI Report © tool that provides investment funds and business leaders a simple and  flexible tool, dedicated to the steering and control.
  • NGFI Report © tool, developed by our firm helps companies manage their cash flow, a key parameter in the management of their activities. By integrating parameters related to particular stocks, customers and suppliers deadlines, the implemented reporting tool helps to optimise the working capital and to meet the financial commitments of the company.
Budget and forecast
  • The development of an annual budget or business plan over several years is an exercise that deserves time and attention. Our firm supports you in the review of your business plan (see section 1) and in the implementation of the tool NGFI Report © allowing you to set goals, plan your budget and mobilise your employees.
Key Performance Indicators
  • With its multi-sector experience, our team can assist you to select the most relevant performance indicators according to your industry (see section 1). By integrating them into the reporting tool NGFI Report ©, you will be able to track their developments and make appropriate decisions to control the activity of your business.
  • NGFI Report © tool allows companies composed of several subsidiaries to easily consolidate the financial statements of various entities. The tool developed can integrate in a simple and flexible way the financial statements of subsidiaries according to accounting standards (French, US and UK GAAP, IFRS) and their scope of consolidation.