An independent expert opinion often helps to evaluate and improve the relevance of management tools developed in a society.

The financial, commercial and industry experience of our firm allows us to carry out reviews of your financial and operational models in order to assist you in optimizing these.

Independent Business Review

  • The objective is to analyse the financial situation of the company to assess the company's ability to meet its deadlines and meet its covenants.
  • NG Finance team, passed by the investment bank and audit firms have an expertise enabling them to make an objective and accurate diagnosis on short and medium-term cash needs of your company.

Financial Modelling

Our firm assists companies in the review of their financial models. Our procedures include, in a non exhaustive maneer, to:
  • Check the conformity of the tools;
  • Check the relevance of the model assumptions compared to market data;
  • Integrate additional tools to optimize the existing model.

Operational Modelling

Our teams are also involved in the operational management tools for companies. Our work is particularly focused on the following points:
  • Check the relevance of Key Performance Indicators used in view of the activity;
  • Identifying risk factors for the society (unpaid, inventories and slow rotation, etc.).